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Small Business Spotlight

Hello. And WELCOME to Small Business Spotlight. I am starting a series, to go on as long as I can, as long as there are more businesses to spotlight. In this series I wish to give back to the community, to help promote other small or privately owned businesses in town.

I will give all kinds of info on the business such as the owners name and 'story', how they came to be, how long they've been there; any employees and their 'info', etc. I will list the business technicals like hours of operation, how to shop or secure services, what they do~ that's a BIG one LOL.

And lastly, of course, I will be including photos! : Of the location, if they have one, (because I am doing both brick and mortar stores as well as mobile service/businesses), owners, employees, both posed and in action and the product or services.

Not only will I post that here on the website, but also on Freeedom's Facebook page. And THEN will also be sharing that on any social media pages I can find to help promote. I encourage you to share as well! Whether this is your business I am spotlighting, or one you like, or shop, or use, or just plain like the idea and/or want to help support small local businesses as well.

I thank you for reading the beginning of this project. I look forward to the journey it will take me on and the wonderful humans to meet. Thank you God for putting this on my heart and giving me the means to do it.

Blessings to all,


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