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Prints on this page are what is currently available to ship immediately. 


There are MANY more images available to order directly from the lab site: made to order exactly the size you want (prices vary according to size) and shipped to you when printed, usually a few days.  Please follow the link if you wish to visit the lab site--ShootProof- to browse and shop there.

~Renew their strength. ..jpg
~Presence- joy, pleasures.jpg
Deep sunset (2).jpg
~God of Hope  Hz.jpg
~Commit to the Lord Hz.jpg

This shopping page is a work in progress.   I am trying  to address the entire shopping experience however it is not perfect.  

At this time, each item has it's own purchase link and therefore you can only purchase them individually.  I'm sorry!

Therefore, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE MULTIPLE ITEMS,  please email me and I will write it up for you, so you do not have to do them separately.

I APOLOGIZE for this inconvenience, but APPRECIATE your support!!

                                                                                                                      ~Thank you.                 Email:

~Lovingkindness Hrz.jpg
~Plans for you. Hz .jpg
~This is the day 2.jpg
IMG-6813 (2).jpg
~Seek His Face Vrt.jpg
~Lord's Prayer .jpg
~Lord is Faithful Hz.jpg
Naples Pier.jpg
~Was, Is, Will Be 8x10.jpg
~This is the day 3.jpg
1-9-19 1942.JPG
Heavens Reflection.jpg
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