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SBS: The Treasure Box

The Treasure Box 115 Magnolia Ave, GCS, Fl

Open Mon-Sat, 10-5 904-657-2023

The Treasure Box is a thrift and consignment store in its 8th year of business in Green Cove Springs. Under the same owner in all it’s years, Don Hartman, it has grown and is thriving. So much so that in the last couple years, Don has gained many dedicated employees that help the Treasure Box run smoothly. Don also offers pick up: if you cannot get your item/s to the store, give him a call, he is sure to work something out.

The Treasure Box operates by having individual vendors that rent a space in the store to showcase and sell their items. These items can range from antiques, collectibles, rare & old finds to handmade and personally crafted items. By shopping here, you not only will find interesting items for yourself or for gifting, but you also help support the individuals selling. Many of these vendors have been here for years.

Most of the employees helping Don are or used to be vendors themselves! MEET the crew:

Don~Owner: Don has been a resident in Green Cove Springs since 1963! When he opened, he included a framing shop, which is what he did for many years prior as a master framer. He had always loved to go antiquing or ‘picking’. So Don had the idea to help the community by allowing people to sell their heirlooms indoors in his shop. Starting with 10 booths in its first year, it now has about 52 booths which are serviced by 35 vendors! Nothing brings Don more joy than seeing both vendors and shoppers enjoy and thrive.

Sandy~Office Manager: Sandy has been with Don about one year and has become his right hand in all office work, with phones, helping customers, organizing tickets and vendors, finances, you name it. She started here with her own vendor spot which she still runs today.

Linda~Floor Manager: Linda knew Don from way back in younger days. When she came to have a booth here, she saw Don was overwhelmed with the day to day needs of organizing so ended up coming on to help him 1 ½ years ago. She is dedicated to making sure things run smoothly.

Kathleen~Floor assistant: Kathleen has been with the Treasure Box for 5 years! She has 2 booths here and puts in many hours helping to keep the store efficient and looking great.

Colleen~Floor assistant: Colleen also knew Don “way back” when and was more than happy to lend a hand and work around the store to help things go smoothly, from working with donations to floor layouts to tagging and moving things around. She has been working here for about a year and a half.

Valerie~Social Media: Having been shopping here for many years, Valerie came on board a few months ago to help the Treasure Box have more of an online presence with Facebook and Instagram. Definitely a need in these modern times, Don and Sandy would not be able to keep up and are grateful as Valerie has been able to provide creativity and time.

Stop by and check out The Treasure Box, it is quite a unique experience and all vendors and staff are extremely pleasant and helpful!

Support your local Small Business!!

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